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Kabuki Akiyama: Wrestlers of New Yokyo is an American-Japanese-Spanish CGI-animated series of Cartoon Network.

This show came out on April 2021 Cartoon Network in North America and Italy, May 2021 Disney XD in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Portugal, and March 2021 Tokyo TV in Tokyo, Japan. This comes at Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:00 P.M on TV. 

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Eighteen-year-old, Kabuki Ramirez-Akiyama was born in Junhattan with his sister Gena. In the past, their father, Francisco Ramirez was a wrestler and a hero of Junhattan, New Yokyo and was married to Edna Ramirez-Akiyama as their mother. He retired and goes to Mexico City where he was born and where he lived. Kabuki had to be the only in himself, he wants to be a wrestler like his dad. So he was trained, together with Gena and his little siblings, Otto and Annie, they will save Junhattan and become heroes of New Yokyo City.

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Languages: Español/Brazilian Portuguese/Portuguese/日本語/Italian